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Reluctant to Eat [ 已解答 ]

Dear Sir,
Thanks for reading this message. I hv a question which has been being bothering me for quite sometime. It is about the diet issue of my son.

Everyday he ate extrmely poorly. He ate no more than 0.5 bowl of rice. Even worse, he hates all kinds of veg and meat. I really don't know what i should provide him.

The only thing he likes are SPICY food, very very spicy food. To make him eat, I can only put 1 tbsp of spicy oil into 1 bowl of rice. I know it is not a healthy way, but for God's sake, i hv no clue what to make him eat.

He is now 5 years old. I start putting spicy sauce since he was 2 years old. Do you think his stomach can stand for it?

Thanks very much for your help.



2016-01-08 15:47

We understand that your worry about your 5 years old son’s eating habit and reluctant to eat any kind of vegetable and meat. Have you bring him to consult doctor for this problem and is his growth curve is within the normal range? If growth curve is normal, here are some suggestions:
1, To try more different cooking styles and methods to increase his interest in eating. Preparing food with your child can also increase his interest in food. There are many parenting cooking class available. Bring him to select food choices together and ask him what he would like to eat. Colorful food can increase kids' interest.
2, Do not give him snacks just before regular meal. Regular meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, snacks in between 2 meals with enough drinking water.
3, Only buy healthy snacks for home, hope to change his taste in favoring to spicy food.
4, Fresh fruit is good for kids and at least one fruit per day for snacks time.
5, Exercise is good to health and he will be hungry after doing exercise, it will be better to do exercise together as to increase family bonding and fun.
6, Pay attention to happy and quiet eating environment and atmosphere. Be patient when he refuses to eat what you have prepared, do not scold or beat him. Let him know that eating meal with family is a happy activity.
7, Parent’s food choice and eating habit will affect children's. your healthy eating style will be a good role model for your kid.
8 There are web sites for your reference:

However, if your 5 year old son’s growth curve is below the standard, or his diet is still imbalance despite means above, you need to bring him to consult a pediatrician to further solve this problem, as it will affect his health and growth.

Above information for reference only! The information was collected by registered nurses and approved by Dr. Polly Ho, Honorary Lecturer of Department of Paediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, HKU !